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  1. 1. Read Your Policy: Most Homeowners Stuff this document in a drawer, ignoring its fine print until after a catastrophe strikes. Discuss any renovations or major purchases with your agent, and make him show you in writing where they’re covered. Also, read the notices of any policy changes that come with your bill.

  3. 2. Add Coverage where needed: Valuables, like jewelry, stamp collections, or your wedding silver may only be covered in full if you add a rider to your policy. (The cost in typically $10-$50 per $1000 in coverage)

  5. 3. Keep up with the codes: So you fell in love with the turn of the century farmhouse. Just make sure your policy covers the cost of complying with new building codes when rebuilding.

  7. 4. Don’t get taken to the cleaners: You insurer may recommend that you have your possessions professionally cleaned. Not only is cleaning items expensive, there is no cleaning company that will guarantee their work. Your insurance dollars are utilized during the cleaning companies experiment on your personal property.

  9. 5. Don’t let you insurance claim become your next catastrophe: As licensed, bonded and accredited public adjusters, Vermeulen Associates will assist you as the policy holder to help facilitate a fair settlement through the complicated claims process.

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