How to file a property insurance claim after Hurricane Sandy.

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With Hurricane Sandy behind us, New Jersey, New York and many other North Eastern States are now in the rebuilding process, slowly recovering from the damage that has been done. Thousands of people are already starting to assess the cost of damage to their homes and businesses which is why we put together this quick guide to helping you file your post-hurricane, property insurance claim.

Carefully assess damages.

When filing a property insurance claim, insurers usually like to see documentation of the damages. This means taking photos. Walk around and throughout your house or business and capture photos of roof damage, trees that have fallen, leaking windows, any noticeable structural damage, etc. Anything that you can capture that may have been a result of the storm.

Call your public adjuster.

Your insurance company may have people that are able to guide you through the insurance claims process however sometimes it can be best to get a free outside opinion so you know that a fair assessment of damage is given. A public adjuster will work with you to complete all the steps of the documentation and filling process of your property damage claim.

Document & Estimate Damage Costs.

This can be a very grey area which is why it’s important to have a professional insurance adjuster assist in the process. This process includes documenting all items that are damaged. Make sure brand names, date of purchase, etc. are included. There are also many things that go unnoticed at this time such as damage to your properties structure or foundation, roof damage, electrical damage. Having a professional by your side during this phase will ensure you are not missing anything in your home insurance claim.

Make temporary fixes.

Due to the widespread damage a hurricane can cause, it may take a while until an insurance company can review your claim enabling you to pay for damaged items. Its not a bad idea to dry out flooded areas or board up broken windows however stay away from making any permanent repairs until your claim has been fully processed. Be sure to document any temporary fixes and keep all receipts.

Remember, once an insurance company offer you a property insurance claim settlement you do not have to accept that offer right away if you feel its unfair. You are always entitled to an independent estimate.

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