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Vermeulen Associates specialize in representing the insurance needs of the general public. We handle all manners of loss from all perils and hazards. Common perils and their unique claims preparation requirements include:


Fire Damage

The damage caused by fire extends far beyond the obvious damage. There is smoke damage as well as loss of property. In the course of putting out the fire the water used will cause damage. A skilled and comprehensive investigation is necessary to prepare a claim for you insurance company.


Flood & water Damage Claims

In insurance contract language there’s a significant distinction in flood damage. A flood is caused by rising waters and most policies do not cover it. Water damage has many sources and it is not the surface damage that is the problem. We investigate beneath the surface to get a true assessment of all the damage.


Sinkhole Damage Claims

A sinkhole may appear simply enough as a crack in a wall or out of square door jam or window. It’s easy to ignore and you may question whether or not it’s always been there but if it’s a sinkhole it will get worse. Vermeulen Associates can provide the professional service to investigate this peril.


Tornado & High Wind Damage Claims

Tornados, hurricanes, and thunderstorms are all accompanied by highly destructive wind forces. The damage they cause are often obvious but this is another case of a peril that may cause structural damage that requires an experienced professional to investigate. Vermeulen Associates has the expertise to investigate and document damage beneath the surface.


Hurricane & Tropical Storm Damage Claims

Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring the most powerful of nature’s destructive fury causing catastrophic damage and injury to wide geographic areas. Being a Florida based company Vermeulen Associates has successfully processed hurricane related insurance claims for over 20 years.


Thunderstorms, Lightning, & Hail Claims

Thunderstorms can cause damage to homes, businesses, and other property. Wind can damage structures, lightning can cause fires, and hail can cause considerable damage to vehicles, homes and businesses.


Theft and Vandalism Claims

The loss from theft and the damage from vandalism are often accompanied by a sense of violation due to the nature of the loss. Vermeulen Associates are ready to take ownership of the process for you. We’ll gather police reports, get a valuation of the loss, and work with you to prepare your claim.


Collapse Claims

Years ago, the insurance coverage for collapse was broad. Even the threat of a collapse was covered. However, insurance companies have become increasingly difficult in limiting coverage to even the most severe situations. As Public Adjusters, we have the experience and knowledge to be your advocate, and facilitate a fair adjustment process.