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A public insurance adjuster is licensed by the Department of Insurance to work for policy holders. Public insurance adjusters help you prepare, file, and negotiate insurance claims. A skilled, licensed public adjuster knows the best way to deal with everything from water damage claims to fire damage claims. Insurance companies tend to pay out the minimum on claim, and sometimes policyholders are shortchanged. If you hire a public insurance adjuster, you could get from 100% to 400% more than what you would get if you would file the claim on your own.

Old Claims Can Be Reopened 

If you filed a claim within the last 5 years and believe you did not receive a fair settlement with your insurance company – your public insurance adjuster will file a supplemental claim on your behalf. Your public adjuster re-opens the claim with the insurer and negotiates with them to get you what you’re owed. If your public insurance adjuster works on a contingency basis, he / she will receive a small percentage of the settlement amount and this is payable only after you receive your insurance settlement. The percentage fee taken by the public insurance adjuster is usually far less than the amount you receive over and way above what you could get by filing the claim yourself.

Filing a Claim Yourself Doesn’t Always Get the Best Results 

There are frequent changes in insurance rules and public insurance adjusters keep up with all changes and evaluate facts thoroughly in order to prepare a claim that will your settlement. Very often, public insurance adjusters are able to use evidence that would otherwise be overlooked, making your claim as complete and thorough as possible. When you file a claim yourself, you may not know all that you’re entitled to under your insurance policy. But your public adjuster knows how to find out exactly what you’re entitled to and how to go about claiming it.

How Public Insurance Adjusters Get You a Better Settlement 

Skill and experience are the keys to success with a public insurance adjuster. Whether you’re filing water damage claims, fire claims, storm damage claims or other types of claims, hiring a licensed public insurance adjuster is the most efficient way to get the settlement you’re entitled to under your insurance policy. You do not have to accept what’s offered to you by the insurance company. Hire an adjuster to work on your behalf and you can be confident that you won’t be shortchanged by your insurance company.

You’re Still Entitled to Appeal Claims That Are Turned Down 

If you have been turned down on a claim in the past 5 years, then you may have been wrongfully denied coverage. By hiring a public insurance adjuster, you can successfully appeal a claim that was denied and the public adjuster working on a contingency basis is only paid when your claim is paid. Companies, individuals or those with professional practices of all types rely on the service of public insurance adjusters when dealing with insurance companies to make sure they will receive the maximum amount for which they are eligible.

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