Wind Damage Insurance Claim Tips – After Hurricane Sandy.

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When Hurricane Sandy ravished through New Jersey, New York and many North Eastern States, almost fifty billion dollars’ worth of damage was left in the wake. However, most of those damages will be covered by insurance. This is a great benefit for home and business owners that suffered loss, but were insured. Therefore, filing a wind damage claim in New Jersey or a roof damage claim will become increasingly apparent. It is important that if you have endured the storm and have incurred damage that you are aware of these tips that will help you file an insurance claim properly and get the best amount on your property insurance claim settlement.

The first step to filing a wind damage claim in New Jersey or any type of claim associated with damage caused by Hurricane Sandy involves taking an inventory of all the damage. This can also be defined as making a list of everything that was damaged during this terrible storm. This includes large and small items. It can be very useful to take photos to have as proof, because this can enable your claim to be processed faster. Another good idea is to locate receipts or billing statements that state the cost of the damaged property. This can also be beneficial to you during the filing of your insurance claim. Therefore, if wind blew your roof off take photographs of the damage, so your insurance adjuster for wind damage has all the information they need.

One problem being seen right now involving insurance claims is that many homes are not being properly inspected by the insurance companies adjusters. It’s very easy to overlook certain types of things such as wind damage to door and window frames and part of your roof especially if the damage is not catastrophic in scale. This damage can go unnoticed far after the insurance claims process has been settled and when it comes time to make repairs, many are finding that their settlement with the insurance company was not enough. One tip to consider is using a private insurance adjuster before and/or after you have started your claim to get a more in depth analysis of the actual damage and what your home insurance policy covers.

As mentioned above, be aware of your current insurance policy. Each policy is different and the scope of your policy has a direct correlation to how much property damage will be covered by your insurance company. Therefore, if your roof was damaged by a tree, that would fall under homeowners insurance, but roof damage caused by wing from a hurricane can be trickier to identify. Flood damage is not covered by many basic insurance plans, but since this storm was declared a disaster by the President you should be able to get most of your damage covered by your insurance company. If your insurance company is fighting you on a claim it can be a good idea to seek the second opinion of a private insurance adjuster.

The next step of actually submitting your claim is the most important. Filing a wind damage claim in New Jersey can take differing amounts of time to be covered by your insurance company, but it is usually done on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to file your claim quickly and with all the needed documentation. It will take some time for you to get reimbursed for your property damage, but with time and patience you will eventually receive money for your damaged property.

If the processing of your insurance claim is not going as expected, please continue to wait, give Vermeulen Associates a call. We have helped countless families and homeowners get their insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy filed and settled fairly and timely.

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