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Natural disasters that cause flood damage can really take a toll which is why people buy insurance of various types, so that in the unfortunate event that they are somehow affected by a disaster, they will be able to rebuild, replace and repair. However, once a disaster does strike, it would seem that many insurance companies have difficulty with actually providing their customers with financial relief. Once someone’s world has been turned upside down, having to struggle to have their flood insurance claims met, is just one more frustration, which can have devastating effects. Unfortunately, many whose lives have been upended by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, are experiencing flood insurance claim problems throughout New York, New Jersey, Delaware and many North Eastern States.

There are many whose homes were awash with water and sand, courtesy of the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy. To make matters worse, there has been many insurance claims denied, delayed or diminished due to inadequate flood insurance, leaving homeowners in a lurch. What are these victims of such a natural destruction, to do in order to get their flood insurance claim settled? First, they have been battered about by flood waters and wind. Now, they have fallen victim to the sluggish financial aid system of insurance companies and government assistance. There is now a scramble for quality, flood insurance claim help and advice from private adjusters / public adjusters and lawyers. It is important for these homeowners in distress to have their flood claims honored. Many have been forced to pay out of pocket to be able to begin the home rebuilding process, since claim problems and delays have sprung out all over the region. This has especially been seen for flood insurance claims on the Jersey Shore.

It is unfortunate that even though many homeowners who followed all of the flood insurance claim guidelines and filled out all the proper flood insurance claim forms, still have to contend with insurance claim issues. Its hard to believe that, even 4 months after a disaster, many homeowners are still waiting to receive their insurance claims report from their insurance company as well as getting an advance check for their flood payment. People that have received their check are now finding out that the settlement received was not fairly assessed and is not even close to enough to cover the costs for repairs.

People cannot continue to live in a state of displacement, because the insurance companies do not want to pay the claims.

So what can you do if you feel you have received an unfair insurance claim settlement?

Make an appeal on your estimated claim value and document everything. An independent adjuster will be an important asset to you in this process. They will inspect the extent of flood or wind damage and give an accurate quote on the cost of damage and cost of rebuilding. They will also handle all of the documentation needed and even re-file and negotiate with the insurance company for you.
The use of Private Adjusters or Public Adjusters has brought success to many families and homeowners in helping analyze, reopen and resolve their flood claims that are currently open or even previously denied flood damage claims in a much more timely and efficient manner.

There can be many grey areas in an insurance policy where you think your covered but your not and vice versa. Am I covered if my homes suffers flood damage? To what extent? There are many things that only an expert can make you aware of concerning your homeowners insurance policy and the value of your insurance claim. Make sure when you are involved in this process you seek out the right help from someone that is on your side at all times.

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